5 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To


There’s some pretty great content on YouTube. At this point, I feel a good YouTube video can actually be more enjoyable than anything Netflix or any other subscription service has to offer. But who in particular are my favorite content creators? Here are a few of the best storytellers you’ll find on the video platform.

Adam Westbrook

This is by far one of my favorite video essay channels, and I say that even though it hasn’t been updated in quite some time. It’s still very much worth watching the videos on there, even though they’re a little older though. Not only is the storytelling outstanding, but the topics are absolutely riveting, and cover fields I’m particularly interested in, such as the short video on the Peter Principle below.

Westbrook also includes his more recent work for the New York Times and other media outlets.

Thomas Frank

If you’re interested in productivity tips, this is definitely a channel to subscribe to. Whether you’re looking to read more books or optimize your workspace, Thomas Frank’s got you covered.

Matti Haapoja

I love this channel, Haapoja is an exceptionally talented filmmaker, so all of his videos are shot beautifully. And in fact, if you’re into that kind of thing, make sure to check out his travel videos, they may help with any wanderlust you might be experiencing right now… or they might make it worse–who knows? Either way, these are must-watch videos.

Be Kind Rewind

This is my favorite video essay channel about Hollywood, I actually feel a genuine sense of excitement every time this content creator puts out a new video. She goes into a lot of Hollywood history–mostly about the leading women of Hollywood–and it’s both informative and highly entertaining.

For example, if you’ve watched the Feud miniseries, starring Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, this analysis of the show versus what really happened back in the day is particularly fascinating. Actually, it’s fascinating whether or not you’ve seen the show!

The Nerdwriter

Hard to make a list of YouTubers, a number of whom specialize in video essays, without including the Nerdwriter. His videos cover a range of topics–movies, art, politics, etc.–and they’re always thought-provoking. Truly one of the best YouTube channels out there.

So those are some of my favorite YouTubers, I think there’s a little something for everyone in this list, but more importantly, I think every one of these content creators has contributed to making YouTube more entertaining and–at least in some cases–more educational.

Hope you these videos.